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Reader in Gender, Work, and Organization

Robin Jely, Maureen A. Scully og Erica Gabrielle Foldy

Blackwell 2003 1405102551
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"The Reader in Gender, Work and Organization is the best and most up to date compilation of research and theory which examines the interplay among these key factors shaping our daily lives. The structure of the book combines with the section overviews to provide a theoretically and practically useful framework for examining this vast literature and designing new research at the frontier of this important topic. This should be in every serious social scientist's personal library." David A Thomas, Harvard Business School This reader uses an alternative approach to gender at work to provoke new thinking about traditional management topics, such as leadership and negotiation. Presents students with an alternative conceptual approach to gender in the workplace. Connects gender with other dimensions of difference such as race and class for a deeper understanding of diversity in organizations. Illustrates how traditional images of competence and the ideal worker result in narrow ways of thinking about work, limiting both opportunity and organizational effectiveness. Provokes new ways of thinking about leadership, human resource management, negotiation, globalization and organizational change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents Preface. Part I: Introducing Gender. Part II: Negotiation. Part III: Leadership. Part IV: Organizational Change and Intervention. Part V: Human Resource Management. Part VI: Diversity. Part VII: Globalization. Index.