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Human Resource Management in Japan

Changes and Uncertainties

Philippe Debroux

Ashgate 2003 262 s. ISBN 056608421x
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Demonstrating a high level of insight, this expert analysis of the characteristics and advantages of Japanese human resource management describes the current situation, the main trends in the transformation of the Japanese human resource management and employment practices, and investigates the possible options for the future.
Academics and policy makers dealing with Japan and courses on human resource management and economics, will find this book an essential read.

Introduction: Japanese employment practices at a turning point; The post-war ideology of work; The basis of the HRM system; The catalysts of change; The challenges to the business system in Japanese society; The building of a new HRM system; The organizational responses to the new business environment; The changes in public policy; The small companies and non-regular workers; The possibility of a new labour-management compromise; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.

'A most interesting and timely work, clearly a useful addition to the ongoing debate about Japan's economic competitiveness and the future of its business and management'. Malcolm Warner, Professor and Fellow, Wolfson College and Judge Institute of Management, University of Cambridge.