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The future of work, employment and social protection

The search for new securities in a world of growing uncertainties

Peter Auer, Christina Florin og Christine Daniel

ILO 2002
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The volume contains the proceedings of the first France/ILO symposium on the Future of Work, Employment and Social Protection which was held in Annecy on 18-19 January 2001. The aim of this symposium, one in a series organized jointly by the ILO and the French Ministry of Employment and Solidarity, was to stimulate an in-depth reflection on work, employment and social protection in a globalized world. It was agreed that the focus would initially be on problems and solutions in developed countries, and that subsequent conferences would take up issues of wider concern. The conferences are intended to stimulate a high-level debate between academics and policy-makers on critical social policy issues.