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Ethics and values in industrial-organizational psychology

Joel Lefkowitz

Lawrence Erlbaum Ass. 2003 504 s. ISBN 0805833536
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Ethics and Values in Industrial-Organizational Psychology is one of the first books to integrate work from the fields of moral philosophy, moral psychology, IO Psychology and political and social economy, as well as business. It sets out to provide a "framework for moral action" and presents practical models for ethical decision making. It can serve as a textbook for ethics courses, at the graduate and doctoral level, in Organizational Psychlogy, Organizational Behavior, Marketing and Human Resource Management. It will be a resource to anyone interested in ethics and standards in psychology and business.

Table of Contents:
Contents: E.A. Fleishman, J.N. Cleveland, Series Foreword. Introduction. Part I: Moral Philosophy and Psychology. Meta-Ethics. Normative Ethical Theories: I. Deontology. Normative Ethical Theories II. Consequentialism. Moral Psychology. Part II: Values. The Central Role of Values in Ethical Decision Making. Values at the Group Level. Values and Value Conflicts in the Professions. Values in Psychology. Business Values: I. The Classical Free-Enterprise Model. Business Values: II. The Revisionist Neo-Liberal Free-Enterprise Model. The Values and Ethics of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Part III: The Ethical Context of Research. Research Ethics: I. Informed Consent and Confidentiality. Research Ethics: II. The Use of Deception. Part IV: Conclusion. Taking Moral Action.