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Post-industrial labour markets

profiles of North America and Scandinavia

Thomas P. Boje og Bengt Furaker

New York Routledge 2003 290 s. ISBN 0415218098
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In nearly all OECD countries, the labour market has been in flux in recent decades. This book examines the labour markets and the institutional frameworks that condition their functioning in four different countries:Canada, the United States, Denmark and Sweden. Through a comparative study of these cases, the book discusses the nation-specific patterns that exist in a world that seems to become increasingly subject to common social and economic development.


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Labor Movement and Industrial relations
3. Labor Law and Employment Regulation
4. The Welfare State Labor Market Policies
5. Labor Force Participation
6. Towards a Post-Industrial Service Society:Changes in the Industrial Structure
7. Occupational changes and Education:Towards a Post-Industrial occupational structure
8. Patterns of Unemployment
9. Flexibility and Employment Insecurity
10.Wage Formation, Institutions and Unemployment
11.Post-Industrial Profiles - on North America
Scandinavian and Other Western Labor Markets