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Learning to be employable

New agendas on work, responsibility, and learning in a globalizing world

Christina Garsten og Kerstin Jacobsson

Palgrave Macmillan 2003 256 s. ISBN 1403901058

This book explores the powerful global discourse of employability in labour markets and how it is expressed in local worklife practice. This is key to understanding contemporary changes in the workings of labour markets and highlights changes in ideas regarding responsibility and learning. The book shows how this discourse works, by relating empirical case studies in different sectors of wider policy aims, ideological shifts, and the discursive influences of powerful organizations, such as the EU, OECD and transnational corporations. The cases highlight the dynamics of labour market change across national boundaries and how employees in local contexts learn to deal with new expectations.

Learning to be Employable;C.Garsten & K.Jacobsson
The Individualization of Labour;M.Alvin
A European Politics for Employability; K.Jacobsson
Competition versus Regulation; L. Faurbaek
Lifelong Learning; L.Svensson
Constructing the Competent Individual; T. Huzzard
Do it Yourself; R.Thedvall
Be a Gumby; C.Garsten
Team Working and Emotional Labour in Call Centres; A.Lindgren & P.Sederblad
Work as an Arena for Disciplining Mind, Body and Emotions; M.Oudhuis
Time for Competence?; F.Augustsson & A.Sandberg
Expertise and Employability in Management Consulting; S. Farusten
Competing for Employability; L.Wedlin
Conclusion; C.Garsten & K.Jacobsson