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Global inequalities at work

Work's impact on the health of individuals, families, and societies

Jody Heymann

Oxford University Press 2003 320 s. ISBN 0195150864

A map of the relationship between work and health that is truly global - both geographically and in its coverage of the impact of work on the health of individuals, families and societies, has not previously been drawn. This book aims to fill in the map. Drawing from studies done around the world, it critically examines the many ways in which work is affecting health around the world. The first section covers the wide range of risks - physical, chemical, and social - to the health of employees in agricultural, industrial and post-industrial workplaces. Part II provides a detailed analysis of how working conditions can dramatically influence the health and welfare of family members - including children, elderly parents and the disabled - in both the developing and industrial world. Part III examines the relationships between work and health at the societal level by focusing on two examples: the ways in which working conditions affect income inequalities and health, and the ways in which working conditions influence gender inequalities and health.