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Psychology and work

Christine Hodson

New York, Routledge, 2001, 158 s. ; ISBN 0-415-22773-9
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Psychology and Work provides a concise, user-friendly introduction to the field of occupational psychology. The book covers the main issues in the psychology of work and organizations. Topics discussed include the significance of work to the individual, the motivation to work, selection and training and the effects of work on health and quality of life. Organizational psychology is covered in such topics as group behaviour, leadership and management. The book assumes little or no background knowledge and is made accessible to all by the use of everyday examples throughout. Christine Hodson has produced an ideal text, designed for A Level students and undergraduates of psychology plus business studies new to this field.

Introduction. The Significance of Work to the Individual. Motivation and Work. Selection and Training. Health and Work. Groups and Decision Making. Leadership.

Author Biography:
Christine Hodson is a lecturer in Psychology at Swindon College. She has also worked as a training consultant in the private and voluntary sectors.