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Handbook of psychology

Industrial and organizational psychology

Richard J. Klimoski, Walter C. Borman og Daniel R. Ilgen

Wiley 2003 649 s. ISBN 0471384089
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* Includes established theories and cutting-edge developments.
* Presents the work of an international group of experts.
* Presents the nature, origin, implications, an future course of major unresolved issues in the area.

Chapter 1. Stability and Change in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (W. C. Borman, et al.).

Chapter 2. Job and Work Analysis (P. R. Sackett & R. M. Laczo).
Chapter 3. Job Performance (S. J. Motowidlo).
Recruitment Research in the 21st Century (S. L. Rynes & D. M. Cable).
Chapter 5. Personnel Selection and Employee Performance (N. Schmitt, et al.).
Chapter 6. Intelligence and the Workplace (F. Drasgow).
Chapter 7. Use of Personality Variables in Work Settings (L. M. Hough & A. Furnham).
Chapter 8. Perspectives on Training and Development (K. Kraiger).
Chapter 9. Strategic I/O Psychology and the Role of Utility Analysis Models (J. W. Boudreau & P. M. Ramstad).

Chapter 10. Motivation (T. R. Mitchell & D. Daniels).
Chapter 11. Job Attitudes (C. L. Hulin & T. A. Judge).
Chapter 12. Leadership Models, Methods and Applications (B. L. Avolio, et al.).
Chapter 13. Theories and Practices of Organizational Development (J. R. Austin & J. M. Bartunek).
Chapter 14. Work Groups and Teams in Organizations (S. W. J. Kozlowski & B. S. Bell).
Chapter 15. Customer Service Behavior (A. M. Ryan & R. E. Ployhart).

Chapter 16. Changes in Workers, Work and Organizations (W. F. Cascio).
Chapter 17. Work Design (F. P. Morgeson & M. A. Campion).
Chapter 18. Stress in Organizations (S. Sonnentag & M. Frese).
Chapter 19. Judgment and Decision Making (T. Connolly & L. Ordóñez).
Chapter 20. Career Dynamics (J. H. Greenhaus).
Chapter 21. Human Factors and Ergonomics (W. C. Howell).
Chapter 22. Organizational Culture and Climate (C. Ostroff, et al.).
Chapter 23. Diversity in Organizations (C. P. Alderfer & A. D. Sims).