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The distributed workplace

sustainable work environments

Andrew Harrison, Paul Wheeler og Carolyn Whitehead

Spon Press 2003 176 s. ISBN 0415318903
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The Distributed Workplace provides in one volume essential information on sustainable work environments which will be invaluable to those developing workplace strategies for end-user organizations as well as suppliers of office buildings, information and communications technologies and building operation services. Municipal authorities and other organizations concerned with sustainable development and sustainable workplaces will also benefit from this book.

T he new economy and new ways of working
Alternative workplaces
1 The evolution of the workplace
Changing demands
New environments for working
The intelligent city
2 Workplace evaluation
From efficiency to effectiveness
Limitations of existing approaches
Sustainability-grounded measures
3 Space environment models
Initial distributed workplace model
The SANE space environment model
Matching work activities and workscapes 4 Creating a methodology A methodology of place ICT issues Human interaction and communications issues 5 Implementation strategy Organizational culture Workplace change management Towards the sustainable workplace 6 Costing strategies Constructing the business case Preparation of space and cost models Prototype model results 7 Design and the distributed workplace Requirements of the knowledge economy The shared workplace Sustainability metrics for the distributed workplace