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Gender and groupwork

Marcia B. Cohen og Audrey Mullender

Routledge 2002 212 s. ISBN 0415080576
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Thinking about gender can enrich the work of all groupwork practitioners and can make a real difference in people's lives. Based on practice experience in both the UK and the USA, Gender and Groupwork brings together the best of groupwork knowledge, skills and values in a true transatlantic partnership.
The book summarises the history of gender-based groups for both women and men and outlines a wide range of exciting and challenging examples of groups in different contexts. Often moving, and always engrossing, these accounts encompass groups for older women and women facing inequalities in health care. Innovative work with homeless people, with caregivers and lesbian and gay youth is described in detail and there is a particular focus on domestic violence, where groups can often the intervention of choice. Gender and Groupwork demonstrates that, despite the challenges of post-structuralism and postmodernism, the practice of groupwork is alive and well. It provides new ideas and new models to help move practice forward, making it a welcome addition to the groupwork literature.

Part One 1. Groupwork Through Gendered Eyes 2. Gendered Theory as a Platform for Groups 3. Mapping the Practice Issues 4. Women's Groups and Stages of Group Development from a Relational Model 5. Political Dilemmas in Pro-feminist Groupwork with Men 6. Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Groups 7. Experiences with Gender in Groups for Children and Young People 8. Intersections of Gender and Race in Groupwork 9. Older Women's Issues and Empowerment Orientated Groups 10. Groupwork with Caregivers 11. Disabled People and Groupwork 12. Homelessness 13. Health Part Three 14. Synthesis