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Women, the law and the workplace. Vol. 3

Locating the role of labor politics within feminism in the late twentieth century

Sybil Lilpschultz

Routledge 2003 352 s. ISBN 0415942837
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

Bringing together legal rulings and commentary, this three-volume collection documents the development of legal protections for women in the workplace. The comprehensive coverage encompasses the major legal and constitutional issues, including debates over minimum wage legislation, issues of gender equality versus gender difference, maternity leave, health hazards in the workplace for pregnant women, and other vital topics. This set will become an essential guide for students and scholars, as well as lay readers.

Legal Documents
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Littleton, Chritine, et al., of counsel. Brief Amici Curiae of Coalition for Reproductive Quality Equality in the Workplace; Betty Friedan; International Ladies Garment Workers Union, AFL-CIO; 9 to 5, National Association of Working Women; Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. in Support of Respondents in California Federal Savings and Loan v. Guerra. (1985)
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Equality for Women in Maternity Leave and Job Discrimination
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