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Proceedings of the International symposium on youth and work

Jorma Rantanen, Suvi Lehtinen, Helena Taskinen og Timo Leino

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health 2003
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The International Symposium on Youth and Work was held on 20–22 November 2002 in Hanasaari Cultural Centre, Espoo, Finland. The three-day Symposium was organized by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in close collaboration with the Finnish Ministry of Education, the World Health Organization, and the International Labour Organisation. The three-day Symposium was attended by almost 110 participants from 27 different countries from all over the world. Also, representatives from international organizations such as the World Health Organization, and the International Labour Organisation attended the Symposium.
The idea to organize the Symposium rose from several studies demonstrating that successful integration to work life is an important factor in overall management of life, health and well-being and that the integration has psychological, social and economic consequences. Also, the organizers feel that ensuring decent work and safe and healthy working conditions for young people on the labour market is an important objective which will benefit not only the young people themselves, but also the enterprises and the society as a whole.
The Symposium analyzed the critical steps towards successful work life during three distinct periods in the life of young people: at school (vocational and secondary school), during the transition from school to work, and a few years after entering work life (as a young worker). Also, strategies, measures and actions for ensuring successful preparation for work life were discussed in the course of the Symposium days.
Mrs. Maija Rask, the Finnish Minister of Education gave the opening speech, and also short addresses of WHO and ILO were heard during the opening on 20 November 2002. Seven keynote presentations, 34 oral free communication presentations, and 14 poster presentations were held in the course of the Symposium. At the closing session Professor Jorma Rantanen summarized the presentations and the discussions held during the Symposium.
The proceedings include all keynote presentations and also selected free communications. The price of the publication is EUR 36 and mailing costs. Enquiries can be made to the Publication Office, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.