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The bullies, the victims, the bystanders

Sandra Haris og Garth F. Petrie

Scarecrow Press 2003 128 s. ISBN 081084705
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Within the past few years, schools, communities, and parents throughout the world, have begun to recognize that bullying is not something that can be ignored with dismissive comments or admonitions. There is no doubt that school violence is a critical problem in America's schools and bullying is a maladaptive behavior with consequences. Bullying can be reduced, but first, educators and parents must recognize the pervasive nature of the problem. This easy-to-read book describes the problem of bullying at all school levels--elementary, middle, and high. Chapters include different types of bullying that occur and how they effect the bully, the bullied, and the bystander. The authors report the results of many studies including personal research to discuss incidences of bullying at school, and list of sources for preventing and intervening to reduce this type of misbehavior are included.