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Benchmarking Working Europe 2003


ETUI Brussels 2003, 93 s. ISBN: 2-930352-10-8
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Social benchmarking is an appropriate instrument with which to mould social processes and social policy. To ensure that the benefits of progress are shared more equitably, it is not enough merely to defend minimum standards: rising standards must be promoted through benchmarking. With the reports on Benchmarking Working Europe, the ETUC and the ETUI are seeking to make a genuine contribution to the practical implementation of a social benchmarking process.
Succinct texts, accompanied on almost every page by data in graph and table form, give abundant information on seven areas of particular relevance to the world of work in Europe: employment, income distribution and social exclusion, working time, social protection and social infrastructure, lifelong learning and the knowledge society, working environment and occupational health and safety, worker participation, information and consultation, European social dialogue and implementation.