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A lifelong strategy for active ageing

Maria Jepsen, David Foden og Martin Hutsebaut

ETUI, Brussels 2003, 200 s. ISBN 2-930352-28-0
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Active ageing has become a major policy concern in most EU member states over the past ten years. Retaining the over-55s - or even, in some countries, the over-45s - on the labour market is seen as increasingly crucial for the sustainability of the social security system and, to some extent, to compensate for tight labour markets. However, few countries have succeeded in reversing the effect of ever earlier retirement and most EU member states still have a long way to go.
This book, the second in a series, discusses a comprehensive set of measures aimed at increasing the employment rate of older workers. The book’s six chapters, and smaller sections of comments, deal with the incentives/disincentives debate, employment and training policies in favour of older workers, the issues of work organisation and reorganisation of working time, the availability of social infrastructures and, last but not least, the question of how to change the attitudes of employers, workers and trade unions with a view to keeping older workers in employment. The contributions, drawing upon the scientific evidence and national experiences reported in the first volume, not only highlight the theoretical discussion surrounding these issues but also discuss good and bad practices developed in the European Union member states. Existing policies are evaluated and proposals made for further action.
The chapters have been drafted by the following group of specialised academics: Yves Chassard, Lei Delsen, Georges Hedebouw, Martin Hutsebaut, Maria Jepsen, Annie Jolivet, Céline Lafoucrière, Henry Lourdelle, Laura Merla, Jozef Pacolet, Peter Van der Hallen, Kari Vinni, and Eskil Wadensjö.

What policy approach to active ageing? Yves Chassard

Comments Laura Merla

Incentives and disincentives to labour market activity in tax and social security systems Lei Delsen

Comments Eskil Wadensjö

The application of active labour policies and programmes to older workers Céline Lafoucrière

Comments Peter van der Hallen

The cluster of issues surrounding working time, work organisation and job design Annie Jolivet

Comments Kari Vinni

The contribution of social infrastructure and services to the increased employment of older workers Jozef Pacolet and Georges Hedebouw

Comments . Henri Lourdelle

Active ageing: a lifelong strategy Maria Jepsen and Martin Hutsebaut