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Stereotype threat effects in employment settings

James L. Farr

Lawrence Erlbaum Ass. 2003, 152 s. ISBN 0-8058-9592-2
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Evolved from a symposium that was presented at the 2002 SIOP conference, these papers discuss "Stereotype Threat": the pressure that individuals may feel when they are at risk of confirming, or being seen by others as confirming, a negative stereotype about a group which they identify. Especially relevant to this special issue are the forms of this threat that stem from negative stereotypes about a group's intellectual or cognitive abilities. The research findings related to stereotype threat have been noted by industrial-organization psychologists interested in personnel selection as they suggest a possible (partial) explanation for the mean difference in majority and minority cognitive ability test performance. That interest stimulated the four empirical research studies that are reported in this special issue.

Table of Contents:
Volume 16, Number 3, 2003 Contents: J.L. Farr, Introduction to the Special Issue on Stereotype Threat Effects in Employment Settings. L.A. McFarland, D.M. Lev-Arey, J.C. Ziegert, An Examination of Stereotype Threat in a Motivational Context. D.M. Mayer, P.J. Hanges, Understanding the Stereotype Effect With 'Culture-Free' Tests: An Examination of its Mediators and Measurement. R.E. Ployhart, J.C. Ziegert, L.A. McFarland, Understanding Racial Differences on Cognitive Ability Tests in Selection Contexts: An Integration of Stereotype Threat and Applicant Reactions Research. H-H.D. Nguyen, A. O'Neil, A.M. Ryan, Relating Test-Taking Attitudes and Skills and Stereotype Threat Effects to the Racial Gap in Cognitive Ability Test Performance. P.R. Sackett, Stereotype Threat in Applied Selection Settings: A Commentary. C.M. Steele, P. Davies Stereotype Threat and Employment Testing: A Commentary.