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Trade Unions in Europe

Meeting the Challenge

Peter Scott og Deborah Foster

Peter Lang Publ. 2003 200 s. ISBN 90-5201-959-2
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Trade unions in Europe are constantly facing new challenges as the scope and influence of the European Union increases in the spheres of employment and social regulation. This book examines the dilemmas brought about by contemporary processes of economic and social change in the EU and evaluates the role and influence of trade unions and the nature of their response. Contributors are drawn from a number of different countries, and chapters address contemporary issues in areas of expertise in the field of industrial relations. Topics include: the European social partners and the effectiveness of social dialogue processes; the implications of subsidiarity and the open method of co-ordination; gender representation in trade unions; European Monetary Union and the public services; the ambiguous role of trade unions in European Works Councils; and the internal reform, organisation and restructuring of trade unions in Europe.
This text is a useful reader, addressing a number of key contemporary developments in European trade unions and industrial relations. It will be of interest to those studying industrial relations, business studies, sociology, European studies and political science as well as managers, trade unionists and practitioners in the field of social and employment policy.

Contents: Deborah Foster/Peter Scott: Preface - Peter Scott/Deborah Foster: Meeting the Challenge? - Jeremy Waddington/Reiner Hoffmann: Trade Unions in Europe: Reform, Organisation and Restructuring - Jane Pillinger: Gender, Trade Unions and Inequality in the Public Services - Philippe Pochet: Subsidiarity, Social Dialogue and the Open Method of Co-ordination: The Role of the Trade Unions - Berndt Keller: The European Social Partners: Projects and Future Perspectives - Herman Knudsen: European Works Councils: A Difficult Question for Trade Unions - Deborah Foster/Peter Scott: Trade Unions, Public Services and the Euro.

The Editors: Deborah Foster is a BA (Hons) in Sociology (University of Lancaster), PhD (University of Bath) and a lecturer in Human Resource Management at Cardiff University Business School.
Peter Scott is a BA (Hons) in Politics and Government (City of London Polytechnic), MSc (University of Manchester) and PhD (University of Bath) and is a senior lecturer in Organisation Studies at the University of Portsmouth.
They have worked together on a number of research projects and publications, including various articles on the impact of policies of privatisation and marketisation on trade unions in the UK. More recently, they have conducted research into European Monetary Union, public services and trade unionism in Europe. Both have been actively involved in the British Sociological Association journal, Work, Employment and Society.