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Transitions from Education to Work in Europe

The Integration of Youth into EU Labour Markets

Markus Gangl og Walter Müller

Oxford University Press 2003 348 s. ISBN 0-19-925247-5

Based on new empirical evidence, this book provides a comparative analysis of the transition from school to work across the European Union. It examines the negative impacts of the recent employment turbulences on school leavers' integration into the labour market, as well as identifying the individual, social, and economic factors that facilitate smooth transitions.

Readership: Scholars and students of labour economics, the theory of education, and the EU; sociologists in the fields of labour markets and social stratification


Walter Müller and Markus Gangl: Preface

1 Walter Müller and Markus Gangl: The Transition from School to Work: A European Perspective

2 Walter Müller and Maarten Wolbers: Educational Attainment in the European Union: Recent Trends in Qualification Patterns

3 Thomas Couppié and Michèle Mansuy: Young People and New Entrants in European Labour Markets: The Timing of Gradual Integration

4 Markus Gangl: The Structure of Labour Market Entry in Europe: A Typological Analysis

5 Maarten Wolbers: Learning and Working: Double Statuses in Youth Transitions

6 Markus Gangl: Returns to Education in Context: Individual Education and Transition Outcomes in Euopean Labour Markets

7 Rolf van der Velden and Maarten Wolbers: The Integration of Young People into the Labour Market: The Role of Training Systems and Labour Market Regulation

8 Cristina Iannelli and Asunción Soro-Bonmatí: Transition Pathways in Italy and Spain: Different Patterns, Similar Vulnerability?

9 Markus Gangl: Explaining Change in Early Career Outcomes: Labour Market Conditions, Educational Expansion, and Youth Cohort Sizes

10 Markus Gangl, Walter Müller, and David Raffe: Conclusions: Explaining Cross-National Differences in School-to-Work Transitions

Markus Gangl: Methodological Index: Using the European Labour Force Survey for Transition Research