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Industrial and Labour Market Policy and Performance

Issues and Perspectives

Carole Thornley og Daniel Coffey

London : Routledge, 2003 198 s. ISBN 0-415-26786-2
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"Industrial issues are often inextricably linked with labour market concerns and policy approaches that attempt to consider production and employment separately are inherently flawed."
This controversial statement sums up the heart of this important book. With contributions from such scholars as Keith Cowling, Malcolm Sawyer and Michael Kitson, Industrial and Labour Market Policy and Performance covers such topics as:
* the increasing inequality between rich and poor
* the links between innovation, competition and collaboration
* education, skills formation and human resource management
The evidence-led nature of the book will make it an important and useful read for students and academics involved in labour economics, industrial economics and industrial policy. The controversial findings of many of the chapters and its readable style will also appeal to informed policy commentators as well as policy-makers themselves.

1. Dan Coffey and Carole Thornley Introduction: Across the Policy Divide
2. Christine Oughton Industrial Policy and Economic Development
3. Michael Kitson, Jonathan Michie and Maura Sheehan-Quinn Market, Competition, Cooperation and Innovation
4. Dan Coffey Best Practice Manufacture as Industrial Policy: Lean Production, Competitiveness and Monopoly Capitalism
5. Keith Cowling and Philip R. Tomlinson Industrial Policy, Transnational Corporations and the Problem of 'Hollowing Out' in Japan
6. Carole Thornley Labour Market Policy and Inequality in the UK
7. Francis Green The Problem of British Education Policy as Economic Policy
8. Steve Jefferys, Carole Thornley and Sylvie Contrepois HRM, Commitment Insecurity and Low Pay: Some Indicative Evidence from the European Banking Sector
9. Virginie Perotin and Andrew Robinson Equal Opportunities and Productive Efficiency in the Workplace: Fairness, Employee Participation, and the Firm
10. Dan Coffey Re-assessing Regulation: Productivity, Wage Costs, and Trade Union 'Power' in the Dock
11. Malcolm Sawyer The Private Finance Initiative: A Critical Assessment

Series Information:
Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks

Author Biography:
Dan Coffey
is Lecturer in Economics at Leeds University Business School, UK.
Carole Thornley is Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations at the University of Keele, UK.