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Preventing and Managing Injury and Disability at Work

John Frank og Terrence Sullivan

Taylor & Francis 2003 256 s. ISBN 0415274915
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Work-related disability is an increasingly important issue in businesses and organisations, in terms of cost and competitiveness as well as being an obvious social and ethical issue. Moreover, changes in the nature of disability arising from developments in the nature of work warrant a new approach to this relatively important but understudied topic. Significant developments have taken place in the understanding of risk in a changing labour market; in linking injury events with subsequent primary prevention efforts; in engaging all the key stakeholders in effective pre-injury prevention and post-injury disability management efforts; and in exploring the relative contributions of company-level interventions and economic incentives and regulatory interventions. These issues are examined and drawn together to form a unique, evidence-based, state-of-the-art research work revealing what works best in the prevention of workplace disability. It takes into account the changing nature of the workplace and work force; the newest evidence on what constitutes effective early and staged multi modal interventions in the workplace; psychological risk perception; and the essential linking of the workplace, the clinician, the insurer and the worker in the recovery process and in the prevention of subsequent disability events at work.

Acknowledgements. Contributors. Introduction. Section 1. Understanding Risk Factors in Injury and Return to Work. 1. Risk Factors for Musculoskeletal Injury at Work. 2. Critical Factors in Recovery and Return to Work. Section 2. Return to Work: New Approaches. 3. Worker Accommodation, Clinical Intervention and Return to Work. 4. Injury Prevention and Return to Work: Breaking Down the Solitudes. 5. Stakeholder Views of Return to Work after Occupational Injury. Section 3. Stakeholder Engagement in Intervention Programs. 6. Role of the Media in Disability Management. 7. Stakeholder Engagement in the Control of Repetitive Strain Injury. 8. Evidence-Based Ergonomic Interventions in the Manufacturing Sector. Section 4. From Evidence to Policy and Practice. 9. Preventing Work-Related Disability: Lessons from Washington. 10. Economic Incentives and Workplace Safety. 11. Regulatory Approaches to Preventing Workplace Injury.