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Globalizing technical standards

impact and challenges for occupational health and safety

Theoni Koukoulaki og Stefano Boy

TUTB 2003, 101 s. ISBN : 2-930003-44-8
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This publication sets the European standardization process in its changing context where European standards are increasingly being framed at the international level. The development of standards to fill out the European directives that ensure free movement for work equipment but also affect health and safety is now moving up to a more global setting. At the time when the European Union brought in its New Approach to technical harmonization, standardization was essentially a national exercise. Now, industrial production is almost without exception a European and international activity : in a globalized market with strong growth in international trade, manufacturers see international standards as a key to gain market access and boost trade. This book sets out to exemplify some aspects of the current debates on how European and international standards as developed in the ISO and IEC can affect the health and safety of Europe's workers.

Table of contents

From CEN to ISO and back : opportunities and difficulties for application of the Machinery Directive. Ian Fraser

1. The particular legal status of harmonised machinery safety standards
2. The move from CEN to ISO… and back
3. The example of standards for industrial lift trucks
4. The example of standards for mobile elevating work platforms
5. Conclusion

From EN 292 to EN ISO 12100 : developments in safe machinery design principles from 1985 to 2002. Jean-Pierre Lacore

1. Background
2. The concept of safety integration
3. The European approach to safe machinery design
4. The revision of EN 292 : from the European to the world arena
5. Where does the workplace user come in?

Machine safety-related control systems : opportunities and challenges for CEN and IEC. Maurizio D'Erme

1. EN 954
2. EN 61508 - 62061
3. The way forward for EN 954 and IEC 62061

Standards on mental workload - the EN ISO 10075 series : from ISO to CEN.
Friedhelm Nachreiner

1. Standardization in the field of mental workload
2. ISO 10075:1991 Ergonomic principles related to mental workload - Part 1: General terms and
3. ISO 10075-2:1996 Ergonomic principles related to mental workload - Part 2: Design principles
4. ISO/DIS 10075-3 Ergonomic principles related to mental workload - Part 3: Principles and
requirements concerning methods for measuring and assessing mental workload
5. Future perspectives

The European guidance on stress and the international standards on mental workload - Complementary aspects and differences. Lennart Levi

1. The European Commission's Guidance
2. The European standards related to mental workload
3. A comparison between the two approaches