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Families and work in the twenty-first century

Shirley Dex

Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2003 ISBN 1 85935 095 X
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An overview of a research programme examining the relationship between work and family life
In recent years there have been almost unprecedented levels of new policy initiatives and regulation across the spheres of caring, family finances, workplace practices and communities. In particular, the way families relate to paid work is under scrutiny. This review draws together the findings from 19 individual research projects to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of this relationship at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
The study brings together findings on a wide range of subjects, including childcare, caring for older relatives, employment and self-employment, flexible working, working unsociable hours and the ability to move with a job. It sets out how the majority of British families, occupying the broad middle ground of circumstances, are managing work and family life. Together with important insights into where both families and employers feel most pressure, it reflects on whether recent Government policy, aimed at helping working families, is moving in the right direction.