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Making Sense of the Organization

Karl E. Weick

Blackwell 2000, 496 s. ISBN 0631223193
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Full Contents
Part I: Organizations as Contexts for Sensemaking:
1. Sensemaking in Organizations: Small Structures with Large Consequences.
2. Sources of Order in Underorganized Systems: Themes in Recent Organizational Theory.
3. Organizational Redesign as Improvisation.
Part II: Components of Sensemaking:
Ecological Change.
4. The Collapse of Sensemaking in Organizations: The Mann Gulch Disaster.
5. The Vulnerable System: An Analysis of the Tenerife Air Disaster.
6. Technology as Equivoque: Sense-making in New Technologies.
7. Enactment Processes in Organizations.
8. Enactment and the Boundaryless Career.
9. Enacted Sensemaking in Crisis Situations.
10. Toward a Model of Organizations as Interpretation Systems.
11. Collective Mind in Organizations: Heedful Interrelating on Flight Decks.
12. Improvisation as a Mindset for Organizational Analysis.
13. Organizational Culture as a Source of High Reliability.
14. Organizations as Cause Maps.
15. Substitutes for Corporate Strategy 

About the Authors
Karl E. Weick is the Rensis Likert College Professor of Organizational Behavior and Psychology and Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan. He has written numerous books and articles, including Sensemaking in Organizations (1995), and The Social Psychology of Organizing (Second Edition 1980).