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Emotional and physiological processes and positive intervention strategies

Daniel C. Ganster og Pamela L. Perrewé

Amsterdam, London, JAI 2004 412 s. ISBN 0-7623-1057-x
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This is an annual research series devoted to the examination of occupational stress, health and well being, with particular emphasis on the multi-disciplinary nature of occupational stress. The intent is to pull together the various streams of research from a variety of disciplines to better capture the significant bodies of work in occupational stress and well being.
We provide a multidisciplinary and international perspective that gives a thorough and critical assessment of issues in occupational stress and well being. The theme for this volume is: emotional and physiological processes and positive intervention strategies.

Overview (P.L. Perrewé, D.C. Ganster). Performance impacts of appraisal and coping with stress in workplace settings: the role of affect and emotional intelligence (N.M. Ashkanasy et al.). The impact of display rules and emotional labor on psychological well being at work (R. Cropanzano et al.). Areas of worklife: a structured approach to organizational predictors of job burnout (M.P Leiter, C. Maslach). Feeling vigorous at work? The construct of vigor and the study of positive affect in organizations (A. Shirom). Social influence and job stress: direct, intervening, and non-linear effects (W.A. Hochwarter). Beyond self-report: advantages and problems of observational, physiological, and event-based measures in research on occupational stress (N. Semmer et al.). Eustress: an elusive construct, an engaging pursuit (D.L. Nelson, B.L. Simmons). Democracy at work and its relationship to health (T. Theorell). Executives: engines for positive stress (J. Campbell Quick et al.). About the authors.