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Welfare, the working poor, and labor

Louise Simmons

Armonk, N.Y., M.E. Sharpe, London, Eurospan 2004 192 s. ISBN 0-7656-1300-x
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Since the enactment of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, it has become clear that the issues associated with welfare are now inextricably woven into the problems of low-wage work. In this volume leading commentators on the labor scene analyze poverty and welfare reform within a context of low-wage work and the contours of the labor market that welfare recipients are entering. Given the new welfare reform regime of time limits and work requirements, problems of welfare cannot be separated from problems of work, politics, organizing, and other questions of social and economic policy. Although there have been many volumes on welfare reform, the unique contribution of this work is that it brings labor into the discussion and creates a bridge between the domains of labor and welfare.

Selected Contents:
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Sources and Credits
Introduction, Louise Simmons
Part I. Working Poor and the Contours of Welfare Reform
1. Discipline and Seduction: The Campaign to Regulate American Workers, Frances Fox Piven
2. The Mirage of Welfare Reform, Max B. Sawicky
3. The Long Economic Downturn of the New Century, Heather Boushey and Robert Cherry
Part II. Workers and Workforce Issues
4. A Report from the Front Lines of Welfare Reform, Fran Bernstein and Cecilia Perry
5. Privatization, Labor-Management Relations, and Working Conditions for Lower-Skilled Employees, Emmanuel Ness and Roland Zullo
6. The Workforce Investment Act and the Labor Movement, Helena Worthen
7. Revolving Doors: Temp Agencies as Accelerators of Churning in Low-Wage Labor Markets, Chirag Mehta and Nik Theodore
Part III. Labor and the Struggles Over Social Welfare and Work
8. Evaluating the Living Wage Strategy: Prospects, Problems, and Possibilities, David J. Olson and Erich Steinman
9. Labor-Welfare Linkages and the Imperative of Organizing Low Wage Women Workers, Louise Simmons
10. Urban Poverty, Social Welfare, and Human Rights, James Jennings
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