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The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurship

Simon C. Parker

New York, Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2004 323 s. ISBN 0-421-82813-9
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As self-employment and entrepreneurship become increasingly important in our modern economies, Simon C. Parker provides a timely, definitive and comprehensive overview of the field. In this book he brings together and assesses the large and disparate literature on these subjects and provides an up-to-date overview of new research findings. Key issues addressed include: the impact of ability, risk, personal characteristics, and the macroeconomy on entrepreneurship; issues involved in raising finance for entrepreneurial ventures, with an emphasis on the market failures that can arise as a consequence of asymmetric information; the job creation performance of the self-employed; the growth, innovation and exit behaviour of new ventures and small firms; and the appropriate role for governments interested in promoting self-employment and entrepreneurship. This book will serve as an essential reference guide to researchers, students and teachers of entrepreneurship in economics, business and management and other related disciplines.

1. Introduction; Part I. Entrepreneurship: Theories, Characteristics and Evidence: 2. Theories of entrepreneurship; 3. Characteristics of entrepreneurs and the environment for entrepreneurship; 4. Ethnic minority and female entrepreneurship; Part II. Financing Entrepreneurship: Debt Finance for Entrepreneurial Ventures; 5. Debt finance for new start-ups; 6. Other sources of finance; 7. Evidence of credit rationing; Part III. Running and Terminating an Enterprise: 8. Labour demand and supply; 9. Growth, innovation and exit; Part IV. Government Policy: 10. Government policy: issues and evidence; Part V. Conclusion: 11. Conclusions.