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Managing the risk of workplace stress

Health and safety hazards

Sharon Clarke og Cary L. Cooper

New York Routledge, 2004 197 s. ISBN 0-415-29709-5
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Working in a stressful environment not only increases the risk of physical illness or distress, but also increases the likelihood of workplace accidents. While legislation provides some guidelines for risk assessment of physical hazards, there remains limited guidance on the risks of psychosocial hazards, such as occupational stress.
This book takes the risk management approach to stress evaluation in the workplace, offering practical guidelines for the audit, assessment and mitigation of workplace stressors. Based on both research and case-studies, this book provides a comprehensive source of theoretical and practical information for students and practitioners alike.
This book includes chapters on:
*environmental stress factors
* psychological stress factors
*work-related accidents
*job stress evaluation methods
With its up-to-date approach to a fascinating area of study, Managing the Risk of Workplace Stress is key reading for all students of organizational psychology and those responsible for workplace safety.

1. Introduction:
Costs associated with occupational stress: Risk Management of stress: The Structure of the book: 2. The Effects of Stress on Employee-Related Outcomes: Absenteeism, Turnover and Productivity: Work-Related Accidents: 3. Environmental Factors and Occupational Safety: Organisational Accidents: Organisation and Management: Safety Management Practices: Safety Culture: Safety Climate: Leadership: Supervision: Safety Subclimates: 4. Psychological Factors and Occupational Safety: Human Factors: Human Error: Violations: Accident Proneness: Personality Characteristics: Risk Propensity: 5. Job-Stress and Work-Related Accidents: Job Stress and Unsafe Acts: Job Stress and Safety Behavior: Individual Differences: 6. A Risk Management Approach to Occupational Stress: The Concept of Risk Assessment: Risk Assessment Methodologies: Risk Assessment of Occupational Stress: Risk Evaluation: Risk Reduction: Stress Interventions: 7. Assessment of Job Stress: Stress Audit Tools: Case Study - Stress Auditing at Somerset County Council: Stage One: Assessment of Job Stress: 8. Risk Evaluation: Risk Factors: Assessing Safety Risks: Case Study - Managing Stress and Accidents in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry: Stage Two: Risk Evaluation: Risk Control: 9. Risk Reduction: Secondary / Tertiary Stress Prevention: Primary Stress Prevention: Reducing Safety Risks: Stage Three: Risk Reduction: Index