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Conceptual foundations of human factors measurement

David Meister

Mahwah, N.J. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004 244 s. ISBN 0-8058-4135-0
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Dissatisfied with the current state of Human Factors (HF) and its measurement processes, author David Meister, in his latest volume, sets out to explore the uncharted depths behind the most common practices and most basic principles. Seeking to question the status quo, he asks what significant changes have occurred in the discipline since its inception and what capabilities have been developed. To what extent have HF design specialists made use of research outputs and how do these outputs contribute to system design? Neither didactic nor stodgy in its tone, this book examines the conceptual foundations of customary measurement practices and stimulates the reader to ask their own questions as well. It requires both the author and the reader to empirically examine the attitudes of HF professionals to many questions. In a field with still much uncharted territory, Meister has provided a necessary exploration guide.

Table of Contents:
Contents: Preface. Basic Premises and Principles. Measurement Problems. The Conceptual Structure of the HF Professional. Unmanaged Performance Measurement. The Experiment and Other Objective Methods. Subjective and Related Methods. Measures. Research Users. Final Thoughts.