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Development of Culture, Welfare States and Women's Employment in Europe

Birgit Pfau-Effinger

Ashgate 2004 256 s. ISBN 0 7546 1693 2
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This refreshing volume introduces a theory for explaining cross-national differences in the social practice of women (and men) in the areas of family and employment. This provides a theoretical framework for the ensuing comprehensive cross-national analysis of the degree and forms of labour market integration of women in three European countries - Finland, West Germany and the Netherlands - from the 1950s until 2000.
Cross-national differences are explained with a focus on cultural change and the development of welfare state, labour markets, the family and social movements. It is evident that change took place along different development paths that were based on deep-rooted historical differences in the cultural ideals of the family. Such historical differences and their explanations also form part of the analysis. The results of this survey contribute to the further development of cross-national sociology on social change, social and gender inequality, welfare state, labour markets and family structures.

Introduction; Theoretical approaches to the explanation of international differences in women's labour force participation; The theoretical framework for the cross-national comparison: the gender arrangement approach; Design of the empirical analysis; Contradictory modernization in West Germany - from the housewife model to the male breadwinner / female part-time carer model of the family; The Netherlands: dramatic modernization of the gender arrangement - on the way to an egalitarian, family-oriented arrangement; Finland: transition from the family economic model to the dual breadwinner arrangement with the welfare state playing a central role; Modernization of the gender arrangement and labour market integration - a comparison; An explanation of the differences in the development of gender arrangements; Summary and conclusion; Bibliography; Index.