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Europe - one labour market?

Lars Magnusson og Jan Ottosson

Bruxelles, P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2002, 306 s. ; (Work & society 30) ; ISBN 90-5201-949-5
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Will the deepening of the common market in Europe have longterm effects on the European labour market, i.e. leads to greater integration and homogenisation? Will Europe - simply put - be one labour market in the future? The challenges of a common European labour market will be much more accentuated as a consequence of the enlargement of EU in the coming decade.

Two important issues are discussed in the contributions in this volume. First, enlargement, globalisation and the new labour market challenges for Europe, second, Amsterdam and the Euro effects for the labour market. Some questions regarding these issues are raised in the contributions: To what extent can the enlargement process be expected to magnify the long-term effects of the ongoing globalisation and structural changes on European labour markets? To what extent are the institutional innovations currently introduced on the European level of policy measures an adequate response to these challenges? Which will be the effects on the labour market after the introduction of the single currency? Which pressures will be put on workers and employers? What pressure does it put on workers and employers’ organisations in the relation to the present system of collective bargaining and labour law?

In this book, highly acclaimed researchers gives original and important contributions regarding the present state of research on European labour markets.The book will be influential in the ongoing discussions regarding a common labour market. The book will be of special interest for students and teachers of economics, sociology, economic history and political science. Also, whose who want to gain greater insights in current labour market issues among politicians, social partners and the general public will find this an original and much needed contribution on one of the most debated subjects in European politics and economics.