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Gender Injustice

An International Comparative Analysis of Equality in Employment

Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter

Ashgate 2004 310 s. ISBN 0-7546-2377-7
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Gender equality and the importance of the law in combating discrimination are issues explored by this insightful work. Gender Injustice allows readers a better understanding of the issue of inequality and helps to increase the likelihood of achieving gender justice in the future. It investigates equality in employment for men and women in terms of the law, at both national and international levels and looks at the primary role of legislation, which has an impact on the court process. It also discusses the two most important trade agreements of our day - namely the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union Treaty - in a historical and compelling analysis of women and equality. By providing a detailed examination of the relationship between gender and the law, the book will be an important read for those concerned with equal pay and equal access to employment.

Biography; Dedication; Introduction to gender injustice; Gender injustice and women; Gender injustice and the United Nations; Gender injustice in Australia and New Zealand; Gender injustice in Africa and South Africa; Gender injustice in Canada, Mexico and the United States; Gender injustice and the North American Free Trade Agreement; Gender injustice in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Gender injustice and the European Union; Conclusion to gender injustice; Bibliography; Index.

About the Author/Editor
Dr Cotter works at the Law School of the Law Society of Ireland. She has as impressive CV from Canada and US, where she has acted as attorney and judge - has JD from Howard University, Washington and PhD from Concordia, Montreal.