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International Labor Mobility: Unemployment and Increasing Returns to Scale

Unemployment and Increasing Returns to Scale

Bharati Basu

Routledge 2004 208 s. ISBN 0415298253
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The importance of international labor mobility has long been recognized in international economics, This excellent new book examines the role of international labor mobility in the presence of endogenously created unemployment and increasing returns to scale technology. Its mathematical approach and unique insights will prove popular with researchers, policy-makers and professional economists alike.

1. International Labor Mobility with Full Employment
2. International Labor Mobility with Exogenously Created Unemployment
3. International Labor Mobility with Endogenously Created Employment
4. Free Trade versus Free Labor Mobility with Increasing Returns and Unemployment
5. Labor Mobility and a Dual Economy: A Case of External Economies of Scale and Unemployment
6. Labor Migration in European Union Countries
7. An Empirical Overview