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The Emergence of European Trade Unionism

Jean-Louis Robert, Antoine Prost og Chris Wrigley

Ashgate 2004 268 s. ISBN 1 84014 658 3
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The Emergence of European Trade Unionism examines the pre-1914 development of trade unions in different European countries, including France, Germany, Britain and The Netherlands. Part one examines trade unionism in the iron, steel and textile industries, as well as the Dockers unions in the ports of London. A variety of locations is considered, large to medium towns, and textile and machine making cities. Part two continues with assessments of major aspects of industrial relations in these countries. Collectively the essays provide a fresh reassessment of Western European trade unionism in the four decades before the First World War. By taking such an overtly comparative position in terms of subject matter, geographical coverage and approach, the book offers intriguing insights and unusual perspectives into the national, international and transnational themes that run through the history of early twentieth century trade unionism.

General Editor's Preface; Introduction: The emergence of European Trade Unionism, Chris Wrigley. TERRITORIES, TOWNS anD INDUSTRIES: Trade unionism in the British, German, French and US iron and steel industries, 1850-1910, Thomas Welsopp in cooperation with Odette Hardy-Hémery; Dockers' unions in the ports of London, Le Harvre, Rotterdam and Hamburg, 1850-1914, Erik Nijhof in cooperation with John Barzman and John Lovell; Trade unionism in textile towns and areas, Jean-Claude Daumas, Rémy Cazals, Marlene Ellerkamp and Alan Fowler; Trade unions in medium-sized textile and machine building cities: Ghent, Bielefeld and Monza, 1890-1914, Karl Ditt, Giuseppe M. Longoni and Peter Scholliers; Large towns: Liverpool, Lyon and Munich, John Belchem with the assistance of Karl Heinrich Pohl and Vincent Robert. CUSTOMS aND REPRESENTATION: May Days, Gitta Deneckere, Marie-Louise Georggen, Inge Marssolek, Danielle Tartakowsky and Chris Wrigley; Workers, others and the state: a comparison of the discourse of the French, German and British labour movements at the end of the nineteenth century, Antoine Prost and Manfred Bock; The constraints of the law, Norbert Olszak and Chris Wrigley; Employers and trade unions in the late nineteenth century in Britain, France and Germany, Marie-Geneviève Dezès, Kenneth Lunn, Arthur McIvor and Klaus Tenfelde; The multiple foundations of trade union organisation in nineteenth century Germany, France and Britain, Michel Dreyfus, Sandrine Kott, Michel Pigenet and Noel Whiteside; The structure and organisation of British, French and German Trade Unions before the First World War, Peter Berkowitz, Rebecca Gumbrell, Richard Hyman, Michel Pigenet and Michael Schneider; Index.