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Facing a Baltic invasion?

Mobility of Baltic labour towards the Nordic countries

Nordisk Ministerråd

Forlaget Nord 2004, 68 s.
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

This report deals with the possible effects of the forthcoming enlargement of the EU on the migration of Baltic labour towards the Nordic countries. Based on data from a living condition survey in the Baltic countries, the proportion of each country’s population that intend to migrate is described, as well as some of their main characteristics. The findings are related to data on former migration and economic incentives for migration. Finally, the report briefly treats the challenges increased migration entails for the area of control and regulation of wages and working conditions.


1 Introduction

2 The Nordic labour markets and labour immigration: An overview
General features of Nordic labour market regulations
Regulations and agreements in the Nordic labour markets
Social security
Profile of immigration policies
Residence and work permits regulations in the Nordic countries
Nordic and Baltic nationals in the Nordic countries

3 Mobility in the Baltic States
Former trends in mobility in the Baltic States
The Norbalt living conditions surveys
Potential migration from the Baltic States
Reasons for wanting to migrate
Preferred destinations for migration
The labour markets and living conditions in the Baltic States

4 Facing a Baltic invasion?
Possible effects of immigration
Uncertain predictions of future migration
Monitoring and surveillance of working conditions
Challenges for the Nordic countries