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Learning to Labor in New Times

Nadine Dolby og Greg Dimitriadis

RoutledgeFalmer 2004 256 s. ISBN 041594855X
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Foreword by:
Paul Willis, Stanley Aronowitz

Learning to Labor in New Times foregrounds nine essays which reexamine the work of noted sociologist Paul Willis, twenty five years after the publication of his seminal Learning to Labor, one of the most frequently cited and assigned texts in the cultural studies and social foundations of education. Since Willis's book was originally published in the UK in 1977, a US edition was released and it has been translated into several languages. Most impressive, however, is the power of the arguments that Willis makes, and that twenty five years later, they have become only more timely.
In Learning to Labor in New Times, an internationally renowned group of scholars reflects on the meaning and influence of what many consider to be the most influential book in critical education and critical cultural studies in the past three decades. This edited collection will refocus scholarly attention on the themes that have been central to Willis' work:
* the relationship between schooling and work
* the lives of working class youth
* the role of the school as productive site of struggle
* the significance of common culture in the lives of young people
* the continuing importance of ethnography as a research methodology.

Foreword, Stanley Aronowitz Acknowledgements 1: Learning to Labor in New Times: An Introduction, Nadine Dolby and Greg Dimitriadis SECTION I: REFLECTING ON LEARNING TO LABOR 2: Male Working Class Identities and Social Justice: A Reconsideration of Paul Willis's Learning to Labor in Light of Contemporary Research, Madeleine Arnot 3: Paul Willis, Class Consciousness, and Critical Pedagogy: Toward a Socialist Future, Peter McLaren and Valerie Scatamburlo-D'Annibale 4: Between Good Sense and Bad Sense: Race, Class, and Learning from Learning to Labor, Michael W. Apple 5: The "Lads" and the Cultural Topography of Race, Fazal Rizvi SECTION II: LEARNING TO LABOR IN NEW TIMES 6: Reordering Work and Destabilizing Masculinity, Jane Kenway and Anna Kraack 7: Revisiting a 1980's "Moment of Critique": Class, Gender and the New Economy, Lois Weis 8: Learning to Do Time: Willis's Model of Cultural Reproduction in an Era of Post-industrialism, Globalization, and Mass Incarceration, Kathleen Nolan and Jean Anyon 9: Thinking about the Cultural Studies of Education in a Time of Recession: Learning to Labor and the Work of Aesthetics in Modern Life, Cameron McCarthy SECTION III: Twenty-Five Years On: Old Books, New Times, Paul Willis APPENDIX: "Centre" and Periphery-An Interview with Paul Willis, David Mills and Robert Gibb Notes on Contributors