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Income and wealth

Tsuneo Ishikawa

Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2001, 401 s. ; ISBN 0-19-828862-X
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Ishikawa examines the neo-classical and labor market approaches to income and wealth distribution. He argues that an understanding of how each approach produces differences in income and wealth is vital for the study of income redistribution, particularly in developing countries.

Before his death in 1998, Tsuneo Ishikawa was Professor of Economics at the University of Tokyo.

CONTENTS 1. Introduction
2. The Concept of Distributive Justice---Ideas for Equality
3. Labour Market and the Distribution of Income---The Neo-Classical Approach
4. Schooling and the Distribution of Labour Earnings---Development of Empirical Research
5. Labour Market and the Distribution of Income---Dual Labour Market Approach
6. The Dual Labour Market Hypothesis and the Japanese Labour Market
7. Formation of Wealth and its Distribution
8. Conclusion