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Camouflaged Aggression

The Hidden Threat to Individuals and Organizations

Alexander Abdennur

Calgary, Detselig enterprises, 2000, 162 s. ; ISBN 1-55059-198-3
Bogomtale fra forlaget.

The purpose of this book is to identify a strategy for the expression of aggression within organizations which perpetuates certain forms of antisocial behavior. Aggression expressed through this strategy is an everyday occurrence in enterprises ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations. It is prevalent in local schools and internationally-renowned universities. It is a pervasive and destructive behavior in corporations, hospitals, prisons and government offices. It drastically reduces organizational efficiency and productivity. It destroys the morale, efficiency and personal well-being of the individuals who work in organizations. It angers the organization's clients, makes them resentful and antagonistic, and leads them to avoid having further involvement with it.

This book will identify a form of aggression which has greatly increased in frequency and variety as humans have become more organized and as their organizations have become more complex. It is not new. It has been practiced for millions of years by various lower species of animals and even by insects and single-celled organisms as they struggled to survive. It is a form of aggression now practiced by countless indiduals who must survive in modern organizations.

Introduction: A Basic Theoretical Strategy
Three Faces of Aggression
The Paradox of Modern Society
Patterns of Camouflaged Aggression
Camouflaged Aggression and Personality
Socio-Cultural Factors in Camouflaged Aggression
Prevention and Control of Camouflaged Aggression