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Corporate Governance and Labour Management

An International Comparison

Howard Gospel og Andrew Pendleton

Oxford University Press 2004, 325 s. ISBN 0-19-926367-1
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This book is about the relationship between corporate governance regimes and labour management. It examines how finance and governance influence employment relationships, work organization, and industrial relations by means of a comparative analysis of Anglo-American, European, and Japanese economies. By drawing on a wide range of countries, the book is able to demonstrate the complexities of corporate governance arrangements and to present a more precise and nuanced exploration of the linkages between governance and labour management.

Readership: Researchers, academics, and advanced students of Management Studies, Industrial and Labour Relations, Organization Studies, Industrial Economics, Politics, and Sociology.

  • Wofgang Streeck: Preface
  • 1 Howard Gospel and Andrew Pendleton: Corporate Governance and Labour Management: An International Comparison
  • 2 Sanford Jacoby: Corporate Governance and Employees in the United States
  • 3 Andrew Pendleton and Howard Gospel: Markets and Relationships: Finance, Governance, and Labour in the United Kingdom
  • 4 Gregory Jackson, Martin Höpner, and Antje Kudelbusch: Corporate Governance and Employees in Germany: Changing Linkages, Complementarities, and Tensions
  • 5 Bernd Frick and Erik Lehmann: Corporate Governance in Germany: Ownership, Codetermination, and Firm Performance in a Stakeholder Economy
  • 6 Erik Poutsma and Geert Braam: Corporate Governance and Labour Management in the Netherlands: Getting the Best of Both Worlds?
  • 7 Michel Goyer and Robert Hancke: Labour in French Corporate Governance: The Missing Link
  • 8 Ruth Aguilera: Corporate Governance and Employment Relations: Spain in the Context of Western Europe
  • 9 Sandro Trento: Corporate Governance and Industrial Relations in Italy
  • 10 Takashi Araki: Corporate Governance, Labour, and Employment Relations in Japan: The Future of the Stakeholder Model?
  • 11 Gregory Jackson: Towards a Comparative Perspective on Corporate Governance and Labour Management: Enterprise Coalitions and National Trajectories