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Strategic Unionism and Partnership

Boxing or Dancing?

Tony Huzzard, Denis Gregory og Regan Scott

Oxford University Press 2004, 384 s. ISBN 1403917566
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How can trade unions make sense of social partnership? What are the
implications of partnership for union renewal? This book takes an international perspective to explore these issues based on an ongoing dialogue between researchers and union practitioners in eight countries. The book develops the metaphors 'boxing' and 'dancing' to denote contrasting strategic choices to the employment relationship, yet argues that neither approach alone can offer an exclusive trajectory for union development. The authors conclude by identifying lessons for union renewal.
Seconds Away: Naming and Framing the Project; D.Gregory & T.Nilsson
Boxing and Dancing: Trade Union Strategic Choices; T.Huzzard
The Limits of the European Dance Floor: Hard Times for Strategic Choice, Partnership and Union Innovation; R.Scott
Dancing in the Dark: UK Unions and Strategic Choice; D.Gregory
Dancing Queen?: Partnership, Co-determination and Strategic Unionism in Sweden; T.Huzzard & T.Nilsson
Tiptoe through the Tulips: The Uneasy Development of Strategic Unionism in Polder Country; M.Van Klaveren & W.Sprenger
Where Now for the German Tango Partners?; M.Kuhlmann
The Last Waltz: Are Italian Trade Unions Leaving the Dance Floor?; M.Baglioni & A.Marchetti
Ireland: Shall we Dance?; K.O'Kelly
Romania: Learning to Dance; A.Trif & K.Koch
Private Dancer: Boxing and Dancing in the United States; S.Deutsch
Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be?: Partnership in Comparative Perspective; T.Huzzard
Lessons and Futures; D.Gregory, T.Huzzard & R.Scott
Author Biographies
TONY HUZZARD is Research Fellow, National Institute for Working Life, Stockholm, Sweden. His research activities have included organizational development and the quality of life in a regional health authority as well as studies of social partnership and European Works Councils.

DENIS GREGORY teaches Labour Relations and Labour Economics at Ruskin College, Oxford. Over the past 30 years, he has supported a wide range of UK trade unions as a consultant and trainer.

REGAN SCOTT is a freelance writer on Industrial Relations, formerly TGWU National Secretary for European Coordination, previously Research and Political Director, Transport and General Workers Union, London.