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Work and Leisure

Anthony J. Veal og John T. Haworth

Routledge 2004, 224 s. ISBN 041520587
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Profound transformations in the nature and organization of work are occurring worldwide, with potentially far reaching social and economic consequences. The changing nature of global economic and social environments has led to a complex relationship among work, leisure, social structure and quality of life, which present a challenging concern for researchers, educators and policy-makers alike.

For some organizations, flexibility of working practices are being coupled with policies for a balanced work and non-work life. This can be in response to new attitudes, values and aspirations of key workers, but also attempts to enhance creativity, improve company loyalty, and reduce corporate health bills. However, many employees are experiencing long hours, increased workloads, changing work practices and job insecurity, all of which can lead to problematic levels of stress. At the same time, major social differentiation exists with significant sections of society unable to obtain employment, as well as significant variations in health and quality of life.

In Work and Leisure leading experts from a wide range of disciplines examine these issues by reviewing the primary areas of concern, linking each to the core practical and theoretical issues, as well as the implications of these for both future research and policy decisions. As a result, this text provides up-to-date and well-balanced coverage of these key issues, and will prove a valuable resource to students of psychology, sociology, social policy, business and leisure studies, as well as to policy-makers in both private and public organizations.

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Introduction. Part 1: The Changing Face of Work and Leisure. A Brief History of Work and Leisure. Work and Leisure in the Twentieth Century: The Devil Continues to Make Work. Post-modernist Constructs of Work and Leisure. Gender, Work and Leisure. The Economy of Work and Leisure. Leisure Behaviour. Part 2: Quality of Life and Work and Leisure. Work, Time and Stress. Work, Leisure, and Well-being. Understanding Work. Working Families and Well-being. Leisure and Health. Serious Leisure, Volunteerism and Quality of Life.

Author Biography:
John Haworth is a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, University of Manchester. He is the author of Work, Leisure and Well-Being (Routledge, 1997). Anthony Veal is Head of the Department of Leisure and Tourism at the University of Technology, Sydney.