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Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Steven G. Rogelberg

Blackwell 2004 536 s. ISBN 1405127007
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Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a comprehensive and contemporary treatment of research philosophies, approaches, tools, and techniques indigenous to industrial and organizational psychology.

  • Only available research handbook for Industrial & Organizational Psychology.
  • Contributors are leading methodological & measurement scholars.
  • Excellent balance of practical and theoretical insights which will be of interest to both novice and experienced organizational researchers.
  • Great companion to the content-oriented Handbooks.

Full Contents

List of Contributors.
Part I: Foundations
1. History of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Measurement, Design, Analysis: James T. Austin, Charles A. Scherbaum, Robert A. Mahlman
2. Ethics in Research: Herman Aguinis and Christine A. Henle
3. Validity and Reliability: Robert M. Guion
4. The Relative Validity and Usefulness of Various Empirical Research Designs: Eugene F. Stone-Romero
5. An Introduction to Qualitative Research: Its Potential for Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Karen Locke and Karen Golden-Biddle
6. Using Power Analysis to Evaluate and Improve Research: Kevin Murphy
Part II: Data Collection Procedures and Approaches
7. Organizational Survey Research: Overview, the Internet/Intranet and Present Practices of Concern: Steven G. Rogelberg, Allan H. Church, Janine Waclawski, and Jeffrey M. Stanton
8. Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis: Peter D. Bachiochi and Sara P. Weiner
9. Computational Modeling: Michael J. Zickar and Jerel E. Slaughter
10. Research Perspectives on Meta-Analysis: Allen I. Huffcutt
11. Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Organizational Research: Michele J. Gelfand, Jana L. Raver, and Karen Holcombe Ehrhart
12. Issues in Multilevel Research: Theory Development, Measurement, and Analysis: David A. Hofmann
13. Beyond Online Surveys: Internet Research Opportunities for Industrial-Organizational Psychology: Jeffrey M. Stanton and Steven G. Rogelberg
Part III: Data Investigation
14. Outliers and Influential Cases: Handling Those Discordant Contaminated Maverick Rogues: Philip L. Roth and Fred S. Switzer III
15. Coping with Missing Data: Fred S. Switzer III and Philip L. Roth
16. Item Analysis: Theory and Practice Using Classical and Modern Test Theory: Barbara B. Ellis and Alan D. Mead
17. Method Variance and Method Bias in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: James M. Conway
18. Basic and Advanced Measurement Models for Confirmatory Factor Analysis: Larry J. Williams, Lucy R. Ford, and Nhung Nguyen
19. Modeling Complex Data Structures: The General Linear Model: Richard P. DeShon and Scott B. Morris
20. Longitudinal Modeling: David Chan
21. Modeling Nonlinear Relationships: Neural Networks and Catastrophe Analysis: Paul J. Hanges, Robert G. Lord, Ellen G. Godfre and Jana L. Raver
Part IV: Concluding Thoughts
22. Writing Research Articles: Update on the Article Review Checklist: Erica I. Desrosiers, Kathryn Sherony, Eduardo Barros, Gary A. Ballinger, Sinem Senol, and Michael A. Campion
23. Securing Our Collective Future: Challenges Facing Those Designing and Doing Research in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Steven G. Rogelberg and Margaret E. Brooks-Laber
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