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The Dark Side of Behaviour at Work

How to Understand and Avoid Employees Leaving, Thieving, Deceiving and Whistle Blowing

John Taylor og Adrian Furnham

Palgrave 2004 304 s. ISBN 1403935777
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DescriptionCorporations of every size have experience of employees who are guilty of lying, stealing, sabotage, hacking, destruction of files and data, and more than a few corporations have been, and continue to be, devastated by the activities of whistleblowers. Profits, secrets and staff morale are all threatened. This book provides a background to the psychology of deviance and offers practical advice about identifying the causes of and prescriptions for reversing disloyalty.

ContentsThe Overview
Theories of Dark Side Motivation
Betrayal: The Unsettling Forces
Counter Productive Bahaviours at Work
Bad Person Theories
Measuring Dark and Bright Side Attitudes, Beliefs and Bahaviours
Integrity Tests
The Psychology of Deception and Lying
Protecting Your assets
Fostering Loyalty and Commitment
Author Biographies

ADRIAN FURNHAM is Professor of Psychology at University College London. He is on the Editorial Board of a number of journals and has received many awards and was recognized as the most productive psychologist in the world from 1980-1989. He is the author of more than 35 books, many of which have been translated into a number of languages, including successful popular management books, and over 400 journal papers. He acts as a consultant to a number of bodies including H.M. Government, the Atomic Energy Authority, Channel 4, BP and a number of multinational corporations, writes a regular column in the Financial Times and HR magazines and is a regular contributor to BBC radio and television.

JOHN TAYLOR works as an independent consultant with international companies and government organizations in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia. He specializes in developing behaviours leading to loyalty and training trainers and managers to achieve maximum commitment amongst their staff. Before becoming a consultant, he worked in the Public Service in the United Kingdom and overseas. His career has been split between management, personnel and training.