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Safeguarding the Organization Against Violence and Bullying

International Perspective

Paul McCarthy og Claire Mayhew

Palgrave 2004, 288 s. ISBN 1403932552
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In this book, the authors bring together the extant research evidence on occupational violence and bullying, estimate the costs to organizations and the community at large, examine the overlaps between manifestation in the broader community and the extent of spillover into workplaces, and identity preventive interventions that may safeguard organizations from these threats. Opportunities for safeguarding strategies to add value to organizational skills, productivity, quality and reputation amongst clients, investors and government stakeholders are emphasized.
The Safeguarding Challenge
The Overlaps between Occupational Violence and Bullying, and Systemic Pressures on Organizations from Global Market Environments
Costs of Occupational Violence and Bullying
The Overlap between Community Violence, Criminal Indices and Aggression at Work
Occupational Violence, Psycho-Terror and Terrorism
Occupational Violence and Bullying in the Health Industry
Occupational Violence and Bullying in the Transport Industry
Occupational Violence and Bullying in Education and Juvenile Justice, and Assessment of the Impact from these Events
Preventing Risk/Severity Spirals: A Cross-Sectoral Approach
Towards a Global Response to Workplace Bullying and Violence
Author Biographies<
PAUL MCCARTHY is a lecturer in the School of Management at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. He has written extensively on workplace bullying.

CLAIRE MAYHEW has been a Senior Research Scientist at the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission of Australia, is an Associate of the Industrial relations Research Centre at the University of New South Wales and a Visiting Fellow in the School of Management at Griffith University.