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Contesting Public Sector Reforms

Critical Perspectives, International Debates

Pauline Dibben, Geoffrey Wood og Ian Roper

Palgrave 2004, 312 s. ISBN 1403904308
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This edited volume provides a critical and international analysis of the public sector through theoretical debates, empirical issues and regional studies. It begins by reassessing the public choice theoretical paradigm, the implications of New Public Management, the current crisis of democracy and ways of mediating market pressures. It then investigates recent developments in ethics, service provision, industrial relations and the nature of work, before examining critical issues in countries and regions from both the developed and developing world, and reflecting on the way forward.

ContentsIntroduction: Public Sector Management and the Neo-Liberal Hegemony; P.Dibben, I.Roper & G.Wood
Public Choice, the Public Sector and the Market: The Sound of One Hand Clapping?; A.Van den Berg
New Public Management: Marketization, Managerialism and Consumerism; P.Dibben & P.Higgins
Uneasy Partners: Democratization and New Public Management in Developing Countries; B.Baker
Taming the Market: Co-ordination of Economic Activity at Multiple Spatial Levels; J.Rogers Hollingsworth
Ethics and the New Public Management: Challenges and Alternatives; G.Wood
Mechanisms and Values in the Delivery of a Patchwork of Public Services; J.Harrow
Industrial Relations in the Public Sector: Collective Bargaining Reform and the Issue of Convergence; P.James
Managing Quality in Public Services: Some Distinct Implications for the Reorganization of Work; I.Roper
Canadian Public Management Developments; Z.Lonti & A.Verma
Hollowing and Hardening New Zealand's Homely State; R.Gregory
New Public Management and Europeanization: Convergence or Nestedness?; G.Wood
Recruiting and Training the New Cadre: Reform of the Civil Service in the People's Republic of China; J.Liu & J.Wang
Contradictions Confronting New Public Management in Johannesburg: The Rise and Fall of Municipal Water Commercialization; P.Bond
Latin America: Globalization Democracy and State Reform; R.Munck
Public Administration and the Management of Socio-Economic Development in Developing Countries: Some Trends and Comparisons; M.Wallis
Conclusion: Towards the Revitalization of the Public?; G.Wood & I.Roper
Author Biographies

PAULINE DIBBEN is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the Middlesex University Business School. She has published widely in the area of both Public Sector Management and Human Resource Management. Her current research interests include local government, transport and social exclusion, and social movement unionism.

GEOFFREY WOOD is Professor of Comparative Human Resource Management at Middlesex University. He is currently Overseas Research Associate of the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. He has published six books and numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. His current interests include trade union renewal, HR theory and practice, HR development in the shipping and textile industries, and maritime industrial policy.

IAN ROPER is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the Middlesex University Business School. He teaches and researches in the area of employment relations, in which he has published. He has a particular interest in the area of public sector reform and the effects on re-regulating work, both in terms of collective bargaining and of the labour process.