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Dynamics of Employee Relations

Paul Blyton og Peter Turnbull

Palgrave 2004, 448 s. ISBN 033394836X
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The Dynamics of Employee Relations provides a critical assessment of employee relations within contemporary organizations. Written in a lively and readable style, The Dynamics of Employee Relations captures the essence of working reality within a variety of working environments. The third edition has been updated to include insights into the latest developments in the field and contains new case studies to illustrate the nature of employee relations at the turn of the century.
A must read for all undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students studying employee relations and a valuable resource for anyone engaged in grappling with the challenges presented by employee relations in contemporary workplaces.


Employee Relations
The Theory of Employee Relations
The Dynamic Context of Employee Relations
Management and Employee Relations
Unions and Their Members
Employee Relations and the State
Developments in the Process and Outcomes of Collective Bargaining
Employee Participation
Managing Without Unions
The Dynamics of Industrial Conflict
The Future of Employee Relations
Author Biographies

PAUL BLYTON is Professor of Industrial Relations and Industrial Sociology at Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK

PETER TURNBULL is Professor of Human Resource Management and Labour Relations at Cardiff Business School, University of Wales, Cardiff , UK.