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Skills That Matter

Christopher Warhurst, Ewart Keep og Irena Grugulis

Palgrave 2004, 288 s. ISBN 1403906394
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Skills have become an increasingly important component of political rhetoric - perhaps the vital ingredient in a raft of social and economic policies across the developed world. This important and timely collection describes the real impact of skills in today’s workplaces and national economies and explains why they appear ever more highly in our politicians’ plans.’ - Will Hutton, Chief Executive, The Work Foundation
DescriptionThe Skills That Matter is an edited collection written by leading academics from the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia in the area of skills acquisition, formation and development. It combines academic evidence and policy debates with a critical analysis, making it an asset to students of HRM, industrial relations, sociology of work and business and management at both undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as being a useful resource to researchers and policy makers working in the field of skill formation.

Whatever Happened to Skill?; I.Grugulis, C.Warhurst & E.Keep
Conceptual Confusions: Emotion Work as Skilled Work; S.C.Bolton
Skills that Matter and Shortages that Don't; A.Westwood
The Interdependence of Social and Technical Skills in the Sale of Emergent Technology; A.Darr
Training Reform in a Weakened State: Australia 1987-2000; I.Hampson
Exploring the Concept of Employer Demand for Skills and Qualifications: Case Studies from the Public Sector; H.Rainbird, A.Munro & L.Holly
What is 'Skill'? Training for Discipline in the Low-Wage Labour Market; G.Lafar
The Institutionalisation of Skill Division in Britain and Germany: Examples from the Construction Industry; L.Clarke & G.Herrmann
Job Complexity and Task Discretion: Tracking the Direction of Skills at Work in Britain; A.Felstead, D.Gallie & F.Green
Lifelong Learning and Workplace Relations: Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet, Worshipping Different Gods?; G.Symon
Skill and Renewal of Labour: The Classical Wage-Earner Model and Left Productivism in Australia; J.Buchanan, I.Watson & C.Briggs
The Political Economy of Skill: A Theoretical Approach to Developing a High Skills Strategy in the UK; C.Lloyd & J.Payne
'Old Nurses with New Qualifications are Best': Competing Ideas about the Skills that Matter in Nursing in Estonia, France, Germany and the UK; A.Brown & S.Kirpal
Skill Trends Under Capitalism and the Socialisation of Production; P.S.Adler
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CHRIS WARHURST is Reader in Human Resource Management and Director of the Scottish Centre for Employment Research at the University of Strathclyde, UK.

EWART KEEP is Deputy Director of the ESRC funded Centre for Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance based at the Universities of Warwick and Oxford , UK. He is a member of the National Skills Taskforce Research Group.

IRENA GRUGULIS is Professor of Employment Studies at the University of Bradford School of Management.