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Law, Legitimacy, and European Governance

Functional Participation in Social Regulation

Stijn Smismans

Oxford University Press 2004, 220 s. ISBN 0-19-927030-9
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This volume examines the role of law in increasing the legitimacy of European decision-making by structuring and facilitating diverse forms of participation, representation, and deliberation. The important role of interest groups in the current debates over the legitimacy of the European Union is examined. Models of functional participation, including committees, agencies, and social dialogue are analysed in the light of a detailed empirical study of EC occupational health and safety policy.

Readership: Scholars and advanced students interested in EU Law, EU integration, EU legitimacy and democracy, European Labour Law and Industrial relations, and social policy.


  • 1 Functional Participation: the Missing Link in the EU's Legitimacy Debate
  • 2 Functional Participation in Social Regulation: the Case of European Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • 3 The European Economic and Social Committee
  • 4 Tripartite Advisory Committees: The Advisory Committee on Safety and Hygiene
  • 5 Information Agencies: the European Agency for Safety and Health Protection at Work
  • 6 The European Social Dialogue
  • 7 Functional Participation Across Stages and Modes of Policy Making
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography