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Trade Unions and Democracy

Strategies and Perspectives

Geoffrey Wood, Mark Harcourt, Shirin M. Rai og Wyn Grant

Manchester University Press, 208 s. ISBN 0719069785
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This book explores the changing role of trade unions as products of, and agents for, democracy. Despite conventionally being portrayed as politically marginalised and in terminal decline, trade unions continue to represent a significant component of society within most industrialised countries and have demonstrated a capacity for revival and renewal in the face of difficult circumstances.

It brings together a distinguished panel of leading and emerging scholars in the field, and provides a critical assessment of the current role of trade unions in society, their capacity to impact on state policies in such a manner as to ensure greater accountability and fairness, and the nature and extent of internal representative democracy within the labour movement.

This volume will be of interest to students and academics in industrial relations, critical management studies, political studies and sociology.


  • 1. Introduction – Trade unions and democracy: Possibilities and contradictions
  • 2. Trade unions and theories of democracy
  • 3. Neo-liberal reforms and accords: Are they compatible with democracy?
  • 4. Trade unions and democracy: Can the third way recast the lnk?
  • 5. Unions and non-standard employment
  • 6. New forms of work and the representational gap: A Durban case study
  • 7. The changing impact and strength of the labour movement in advanced societies
  • 8. The US and Canadian labour movements: Markets vs. states and societies
  • 9. The rise and fall of the organizing model in the US
  • 10. Union growth and reversal in newly industrialised countries: The case of South Korea and peripheral workers
  • 11. The rise of unions in semi-industrialised countries: The cases of South Africa and Zimbabwe
  • 12. Social movement unionism
  • 13. Unions and politics
  • 14. Trade union democracy: The dynamics of different forms
  • 15. Unions and social partnerships
  • 16. Engagement or disengagement?: Unions and a new politics
  • 17. Conclusion