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Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-time Work in the European Union

A Comparative Analysis

Mark R. Freedland, Silvana Sciarra og Paul Davies

Cambridge University Press 2004, 386 s. ISBN 0521840023
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This book originates from the research project ‘New discourses in labour law’ held at the European University Institute. A detailed analysis of part-time work regulation is presented for seven European countries, in order to ascertain how internal domestic choices of the legislatures have merged into the ‘Open method of co-ordination’. The impact of European employment policies is considered in parallel with the implementation of the Directive on part-time work, thus providing a complete overview of both soft and hard law mechanisms available to national policy-makers. In this original work, the inter-action between law and policy emerges as a dynamic and constantly changing process of exchange between national and supranational actors, through the use of concrete examples of law-making. Labour law is put forward as being central in the current evolution of European law, and this centrality is presented as a confirmation of innovation and continuity in regulatory techniques.


Silvana Sciarra, Diamond Ashiagbor, Paul Davies, Mark Freedland, Sylvaine Laulom, Maximilian Fuchs, Antonio Lo Faro, Jelle Visser, Ton Wilthagen, Ronald Beltzer, Esther Van Der Putte, Fernando Valdés Dal-Ré, Ronnie Eklund, Claire Kilpatrick, Mark Freedland

  1 New discourses in labour law: part-time work and the paradigm of flexibility 3
 Silvana Sciarra  
  2 The European Employment Strategy and the regulation of part-time work 35
 Diamond Ashiagbor  
  3 The role of EU employment law and policy in the de-marginalisation of part-time work: a study in the interaction between EU regulation and Member State regulation 63
 Paul Davies and Mark Freedland  
  4 France: part-time work – no longer an employment policy tool 85
 Sylvaine Laulom  
  5 Germany: part-time work – a bone of contention 121
 Maximilian Fuchs  
  6 Italy: adaptable employment and private autonomy in the Italian reform of part-time work 156
 Antonio Lo Faro  
  7 The Netherlands: from atypicality to typicality 190
 Jelle Visser, Ton Wilthagen, Ronald Beltzer and Esther Koot-van der Putte  
  8 Spain: the difficulty of marrying flexibility with security 224
 Fernando Valdés Dal-Ré  
  9 Sweden: part-time work – welfare or unfair? 258
 Ronnie Eklund  
10 The United Kingdom: how is EU governance transformative? 299
 Claire Kilpatrick and Mark Freedland